Why Real Estate Agents Should Have Their Own Websites!

A professional realtor website acts as an important resource for your real estate clients and your local community. The real estate industry is as competitive as it gets so standing out from the crowd is essential to getting ahead. Your real estate website can help you do just that. 

These days, just about anyone can make a decent-looking real estate website. Buy your hosting and domain name, select the WordPress platform, and slap on a real estate WordPress theme and you’re good to go, right? Oh, you should probably insert your own logo while you’re at it. 

This is exactly how hundreds if not thousands of real estate websites are set up. However, going through these minimal motions won’t exactly open a floodgate of clients for your business. In fact, you’re most likely to get lost in a sea of anonymity.

Let’s take a look at what factors make a real estate website so essential to being a successful realtor. 


Your realtor website is your best inbound marketing asset

Blogging increases traffic and customer engagement

If you are not already doing so, you need to make a habit of publishing blog posts on a regular basis on your website. Posting valuable content on your blog attracts more website visitors and helps your site rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. 

In effect, your blog can become a powerful passive lead generation tool that can potentially add substantial growth to your business. 

Showcase IDX 

Any realtor worth his or her salt needs to add IDX capabilities to their own real estate website. The Showcase IDX plugin works great with your real estate WordPress theme and allows users to browse properties listed in a local MLS. 

The properties are automatically refreshed with up-to-date listings which users can browse on their own schedule. While most IDX software on the market provides little more than basic features, Showcase IDX is going all out to increase user engagement and collaboration. 

With Showcase IDX, users can create Search Parties to browse properties along with their families and friends. Each user has their own account and can see and interact with other members of the search party. What’s more, is that every user is counted as a qualified lead. 

Grow your personal brand

Big-box brokers like Zillow and Trulia provide their new agents with training and leads to help get their businesses started. They may even display their agent profiles on their website. 

Although these profile sections can help validate your credentials, the marketing is mostly aimed at promoting their own brand. 

Having your own personally-branded website shifts the focus from the firm to your individual brand. Your website is 100% yours to customize according to your particular needs and design choices. As your business grows over time it will also help increase your personal brand awareness.  

Being a successful real estate agent is about becoming the “go-to” source of valuable real estate knowledge. Having your own website is key to growing your brand and your business. 


Betty Anderson