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How do I find out the price of my roof replacement?

Jul 24


It's not a popular choice to shell out money to repair their roof. However, that doesn't change the fact that we all have to have to do it at some point or the other. Every time someone gets an roof replacement, there are two things that are on their minds.

They'd like it done properly in case they're going to invest money in it. They also are concerned about the price. Whenever someone is having their roof replaced withreputable roofing company in Helotes tx they’re going to be worried about the cost.


Here's some details to help put your mind at relaxed and give you an accurate picture of what elements determine the price of a roof replacement and the reasons.


This is a breakdown of the average cost for a roof replacement

Let's look at the national average. We can then get into the various factors that could drive the price higher or lower in the future. The typical cost of a roof replacement in 2020 on a nationwide scale is $7,211. This is a precise number however, as we've mentioned there are some factors that can cause that price to go up or down.


The Square Footage of Your Home

The area of your house is among the most important factors that will directly impact the price of replacing your roof. Do you recall the median figure above? It is based on an average roof cost of $400 to $550 per square.


What does this figure translate to you and the cost of replacing your roof? This means that the bigger your house and the greater square footage it contains, the more roofing material and labor that you'll need.

The roofing material

Another thing that can increase the cost of your roof replacement whether it's up or down is the kind of roofing material you select. Shingles are quite common and have a good reason for that, they're economical and last for many years which makes them an investment worth making as a roofing material.


If you decide to go with a different variety of shingles, like concrete shingles, instead of asphalt shingles, the cost of your project will be significantly higher. While replacing a roof with asphalt shingles has an average cost of just over seven grand, replacing a roof made of concrete shingles can cost over $20,000.


Metal roofing is typically more costly than asphalt shingles also However, there are some advantages of metal roofing that could make it an ideal choice. Metal roofing's value depends on the way your home is constructed as well as the snow load you receive during winter.


Metal roofs are extremely beneficial as snow can fall right onto your roof, provided it doesn't get to the front of your house. This setup has the best advantage that you do not have to manually clear snow from your roof!


The Shape Of Your Roof

Even though your roof's shape may not seem important to you, it is essential to professional helotes roofing. Additional safety equipment is required if the roof of your home is extremely steep or unique. This will increase the cost.


Don't Just Get A Good Offer on Roof Replacements Get the best price, With affordable roofer in South Texas understands the financial needs of its customers, which is the reason we are cheaply priced. Request a quote on your roof replacement cost by scheduling a free consultation.


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