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Needing Boxed Lunches for your Meeting?

Apr 16

Uncle Nick's Deli offers a wide range of catering services and event planning. Our quick and easy sandwiches, soups, and salads are sure to make any event memorable including rehearsal dinners, office party or bridal or baby showers. We can provide off-site service. We can create a custom menu for your event, prepare your most loved dishes, or prepare an event that is buffet-style in your office. Let us create great event memories for you and your guests.


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Do you want to hold an event? If you're planning an event this week or next year, just fill with our simple contact form and we'll be back to you in 24 hours.


Corporate Functions

Uncle Nick's Deli wants to help you project that image through professional and friendly hospitality. The hosting of corporate events can be the ideal way to develop new relationships , or to reconnect with old ones. We believe that old-fashioned hospitality is essential to the success of your event.

Uncle Nick's Deli is looking forward to working with you during your next important occasion or outing, by assisting you all the process. We are able to provide you with unique menus, custom themed stations, and trained helpful wait staff who will ensure that you and your guests are at peace.


Planning a luxurious function isn't easy and can be overwhelming even for experienced planners. Delicious food and beverages are two of the primary elements any event planner or caterer must not forget. Belleville, IL high-end catering can assist you with this task. A business that can provide high-end catering in Belleville, IL can be in charge of the preparation, presentation and the service of the meals you'd like to be served.

THINGS TO DO BEFORE selecting a company that offers premium catering in BELLEVILLE IL

Any event can be made successful by the assistance of a Belleville, IL high-end catering firm. Therefore, you need to locate a reliable supplier of premium catering services in Belleville, IL that can cooperate with you. Before meeting with any representatives of a catering service for restaurants there are a few things you should do. These are the things to complete before you select a restaurant catering in Belleville, IL company:


The first thing to do is to check how much you're willing to put aside for your event's gourmet catering service in Belleville, IL. The number of dishes and staff that the company can provide will be contingent on your budget.

If you are a little restricted on your budget, we can also suggest alternatives that are affordable for our products and services. A typical way a top-end caterer located in Belleville, IL can achieve this is to use fresher ingredients for their meals.


The number of people attending the event will help you determine which catering service to hire. The top catering service you select should be capable of catering for any type of event, regardless of the size or how small. Catering services for restaurants in Belleville, IL will prepare and plan for your event to make sure all guests will be served well.


Food can be the deciding factor for any celebration. Catering companies that are top-of-the-line in Belleville, IL will be equipped to provide a variety of choices that fit the theme of your formal occasion. Catering companies with high-end standards can design a customized menu for you to satisfy your particular requirements.

If you're looking at the menu of a premium catering service, make sure that they can also make necessary adjustments based on your guests preference. It is important to consider the requirements of those who suffer from allergies and restricted diets.

Determine if a Bar Service is necessary for you from A prestigious catering company in BELLEVILLE IL

Most formal functions require cocktails and refreshments for the guests to take pleasure in. You will need a caterer who can serve drinks as well as bar services if this is the case. It is important to make sure that you have sufficient alcohol to satisfy everyone.


Uncle Nick's Deli can help you make your formal event successful. We offer premium boxed lunches in Belleville, IL, no matter how big or small the event. We are able to prepare delicious, well-crafted meals for any event. Our professional chefs and staff will ensure that your food is served with diligence. If you would like to know more, call us.

Making your dining experience memorable

A delicious and satisfying meal is an essential part of any event. It is possible to save the time and stress by employing a professional caterer regardless of whether you're planning a small private gathering or a big corporate occasion.

Uncle Nick's Deli is dedicated to making your special occasions memorable by providing carefully cooked dishes. We have an extensive menu of items to serve for appetizers, salads desserts, and much more. We go the extra mile to help you create an unforgettable event. Your guests and you are sure to return home happy and delighted.

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